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  • The SAME content on a lean website AND in a Facebook Business Page!
  • All updated easily, using one login, one update…
  • Control multiple Facebook Business Pages from ONE place: ideal for managing head office + local store/franchisee pages. See service.
  • Smartphone-friendly version of your own website

You need to get fresh content onto your website, onto your Facebook page, perhaps onto multiple Facebook pages… <interface> lets you do this quickly and easily.


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  • On behalf of our clients thank you - we are running 4 Profile builder pages including our own & we are about to commission a 5th simple, but effective and very well designed. Oh and just had one of the first app added to a new clients Profile Page build - Profile Builder, get noticed online <- U rock :o) Carol Ford, Growing Direct
  • "Mark and Paul make a difficult task very hassle free and take away the procrastination factor we can all be guilty of. By having a professional profile done, you can get on with the parts of your business that you really excel at and enjoy. It’s a win-win!!" Jenny Marsh, Youth Coaching in Education
  • "Before I commissioned Profile Builder to write my profile I had around 59 viewings. I’ve now had over 1500! This is a big difference and would like to thank Mark, Paul, Barrie and Richard for making my plain profile into something worth reading." Julie Owen, Jigsaw Business Services
  • "I have recently used Profile Builder to produce video testimonials for two of my clients. I was extremely impressed with how simple and effective the process and ongoing communications were, not to mention the affordable price. The payment process was equally painless. I was pleased to see that Profile Builder offer a secure online payment system, which I decided to use. Great job – thanks guys!" David Bryan, Opace Technology Solutions
  • "Having been with 4N since February 2009 I realised the need for a professional profile was paramount. However, if you are like me, getting round to "doing it" never seemed to get to the top of the pile. Enter Mark…what a fantastic job he has done, certainly worth the money. In fact when I saw my profile I wanted to buy from the guy featured…then I realised it was me" John Heslop, Chemex
  • "Paul has just put together a video testimonial for IBD from Jez McKenzie of Filex Systems, and it is now live on my profile. What is really exciting is the fact that Paul was in his office in Dudley, while Jez was in his office in Stone! Something to do with webcams and Skype, I don’t know all the technical details. What is clear however is that Paul can provide this superb service for any business, anywhere in the country, or indeed, anywhere in the world!! Now who was that lady I know in Australia…?" Cathy and Peter Clowes, IBD
  • "Mark has made me sound like Richard Branson!! Brilliantly worded and painting a very positive picture of me and my company, I could not have been more pleased with what Mark has done for me. I am very impressed and would highly recommend you let Mark take a look at overhauling your profile for the social network sites. Excellent stuff!!" Martin Havenhand, Utilitrack
  • "Mark and the team at Profile Builder have just completed my profile which is now live on 4N. I am delighted with the end result which was delivered quickly and seamlessly. Mark was able to take the content of a multi page website and create a single page of tight and punchy copy. If you haven't yet invested in your profile, get in touch with them today - it will be one of the best business decisions you make." Paul Harris, Real Success

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